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Opinions are like assholes, everybody thinks theirs smells the best.



"Don't let the people in the cheap seats have an expensive opinion in your life."

- Dave & Rachel Hollis


With the age of internet and Social Media completely taking over our lives it would appear that society seems to think every opinion is needed to be shared. With that comes great opportunity. It challenges us to put ourselves out there and take chances at being entrepreneurs on topics that have yet to be explored through your eyes. Unfortunately what it seems to have created is a lot of people who have different opinions; instead of allowing these new ideas to create confidence in ourselves, our decisions and our lives, it seems to instead create massive doubt and self esteem problems with those going outside of their comfort zones.


Why allow opinions of those who don't matter to your life control what you do?

Comfort zones are described as places where one feels safe and unstressed by life, But where are they really? I know personally I can be just as stressed at my home as I do out in the world. I believe that comfort zones are a made up space inside our own minds, a space created to hold us back and create all the reasons why we can't become what we truly want to become. Don't get me wrong I think in certain situations it is very important to have a space where we feel safe and can help keep our sanity when the struggles of life bring us down, but the majority of perceived comfort zones will never push you. Comfort zones or CZ's as I will refer to them as are walls we build to keep out the things we 'think' could hurt us.


If I put myself out there then that opens the door for judgements. People struggling on their own adventure never seem to worry about just themselves do they? Majority of those out there sad or upset that they aren't where they wanted to be from back when they dreamed all the big dreams they turn to those working on their dreams and try to crush them. Let me tell you what, negativity will never beget positivity. If someone is putting themselves out there in a positive way, trying to live their best life and succeed at the greatness they have and were meant to be, why can't we just let them do that?


Our focus, as a society, has grown so singular and self centered yet when someone challenges us with their success from their opinions we tend to feel personally attacked. Some people choose to allow that to cripple their momentum. Some take it as a challenge and put those who confront them down to try and feel better about how they were made to feel by others opinions. Instead of taking responsibility for their choices that got them exactly where they are, we have a tendency to justify why we are in that place. We use our experiences as victims to justify our choices and allow them to hold us in our CZ's.


The 1st step to change is to be aware of your own bullshit.

I have a secret for all of you. A secret I feel is so valuable that I can't help but just give it away because when you truly get it, it can change your entire life! You are the complete creator of your own life, every choice, every path you take you choose and chose it. Life is hard and the paths we think are best for us sometimes blow up in our pretty little faces. That does not mean that you are destined for failure or your life sucks so lets pass that crap along.


Competition is bred into us since we were little and it is a uniquely amazing tool that can be used to inspire greatness, but what we have generalized with competition is that while we want to win that must mean that someone has to lose. Does making someone fail really make you win? Does someone else's failure have any affect on your life at all? Yet it is something that goes hand in hand with competition. If we all put all of our energy and focus into our own self in the right ways, success would be much more typical. Positivity attracts more positivity and raising our energy to that level seems to only get more success and more happiness.


Moral of my story, Work on your dang self, set and achieve your own goals, and spread that positivity around because what YOU think you create and what you put into the world is what you will get out of it. Be careful with what you surround yourself with, because nobody wants to be the crab in the bucket almost escaping just for another crab at the bottom to reach up and pull you back down!




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