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Committee Guides
Thank you for for finding value in this group and wanting to donate your talents to helping it grow! With out you none of this would be possible!

Renee Colangelo is the Lead of Leads and will foster any updates for each committee

Locations Committee,

Fundraising Committee,
Events Committee,

Marketing Committee 

Marketing: Casey Scollo is the lead of the Marketing. BBB has a typical branding of pinks, whites, blacks, and touches of orange for our signature colors. The fonts we use are Gistesy and Canva Sans. We like to have a professional yet girly feel that entices future members to trust our branding and our consistency. Below I have examples of clean yet professional flyers that have been previously used with success. We are not looking for cookie cutter flyers, always new but similar is required.



Locations: Emily Schmitz is the locations lead for DeLand and Lake Mary and Lauren LaBrie is the Lead for New Smyrna Beach and Ormond Beach. These ladies along with their team help get meet up locations and special event locations. Building community connections and a database of businesses willing to support women in business and host locations. You can reach out to Emily for that database when trying to reach a location we have originally worked with.Locations Spaces must be approved by Location manager for use of our tv and possible sound system for hearing speakers.

Fundraising: This team is responsible along side the board and Alex, to come up with Fundraising Opportunities that can draw funds to the BBB and for our upcoming Grant. Below is a pdf of what things come with Angel Donation, Sponsorships, and or participation in our money driving events. Our goal is to raise $15,000 and that goal is doable with an amazing team striving towards the same goal.
















Events: This team helps create the events that are fun for our community, fun for our group members and supports our fundraising team by volunteering at the events. Lead by Gina Hargraves, this team works closely with the locations and the fundraising committees. Our upcoming events that this team needs to work on is our upcoming BBB Home Expo that is scheduled for April 15th. This event is a community driven event free to come to and hear about the differences in opinion for the way the market is turning, getting to know different reputable home service vendors, and supporting our members who are wanting to display their services as BBB proud members and supporters. Tables spaces are available for vendors and only cost $20 to display your business and connect with the attendees. Location should be in Ormond as Hilary D. was working on that location, but would love any additional help! Our yearly Babes, Booze, & Bad Decisions Night also needs attention. We need to start reaching out to male BBB Supporters to collect those who want to dance and participate. Dancers will get to drink for free, but must sign a waiver to participate. Location for this is October at City Limits DeLand but we also want to do one in June at one of the other cities. Other events that I will put out that we want to do is:

Drag Brunch in April

Mother's Day Baskets in May

Kids Festival in June

Events Expo in June

Rocking Jail-a-thon in July

Events Expo in July

Ormond Beach Bad Decisions Night July

Lake Mary Home Expo in August

October is Bad Decisions Night in DeLand

November Vendor Fair & Men in Heels Race

December is the Gala

With you all helping we can absolutely raise enough money!


Upcoming Dates for set Meet Ups in all four Locations:

Deland (1st Wed)

-January 4th Danielle Wright


-February 1st Jeannette Rodriguez

Vision & Heels


-March 1st bikers against trafficking


-April 5th Phyllis Pasch

Anthony’s Pizza DeBary


-May 3rd Ivette Pujol

City limits

-June 7th- Brenna Damm

Blind pig


-July 5th Tara McVean


-August 2nd- Lori tulliver


-September 6th- Casey Attenberger


-October 11th Oksana Terryfic


-November 1st Nancy Sharff


Deland January 2024 Kristin Vance 407-431-8373


New Smyrna (3rd Tue)

-January 17th- Natasha Riverpark



-February 21st- Elsie Mendez Sunshine Plaza


-March 21st- Jessica Adam’s bikers against trafficking

The Grill at Riverview


-April 18th- Robin Hurd


-May 16th-


-June 20th- Stormi Walker


-July 18th- Lorna Owens, Desert Sage


-August 15th- Ana Rosa Randolph


-September 19th Theresa Flaherty, insurance


-October 17th


-November 21st




Ormond Beach (last Mon)

-January 30th- Alexandra Walker

-February 27th- Ildiko escape room


-March 27th Jordan Roberson Bikers against trafficking, Monarcas Mexican Restaurant


-April 24th- Lorena Bahamon


-May 29th- Vanessa K Cole


-June 26th Mariah Snow


-July 31st- Gigi Mack


-August 28th-Tabitha and Elena Fl girl grazing


-September 25th Analisa Volva


-October 30th Lissette and Samantha


-November 27th Lauren Fackler




Lake Mary (4th Thur) @ Cork & Olive


-January 26th -Alex Walker


-February 23rd- Casey Scollo


-March 23rd- Maryland Marin Amore Event venue, bikers against trafficking


-April 27th- Heidi De La Cruz


-May 25th- Tara Serkez


-June 22nd


-July 27th Jennifer Dickel


-August 24th Jessi Maggie, Duck Face


-September 28th Carol brown


-October 26th


-November 30th Casey Attenberger?

Updates to the paige will be made frequently.

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