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We all have opinions and this ones mine! I'm not going to be everyones favorite but with how authentically I live my life I think my opinions should be out there!

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Fluctuating weight issues, yup I got um!

Having been on a diet since i was 9 years old I know what its like to live the roller coaster of weightloss and weight gain. Here is my story.

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In 2018 I couldn't just stand by as the women's movement charged on. I believe it's to the advantage of every woman to provide them with all information about the local resources available to them, so I hosted an event with local women and started the 1st Women's Empowerment Summit where local providers came together and provided unique free information to all patrons of the event.

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Sedgwick County Zoo vs. Tanganyika Wildlife Park

In a new town with 2 different zoo's, one privately owned and the other state owned. We get to experience the best of both when living in Wichita. So which is your favorite?

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